This process describes how to clear Flash Player Cache. Details: First, close all browser windows. Next, open your systems control panel or preferences and open Flash Player. Select the Storage tab on the Flash Player Settings Manager and then click the Delete All… button. Next, click the Advanced tab also and then select the Delete All

The application should make it clear what kind of information it wants to store. Who has access to the information? This information may be accessed by an application that is currently running in Flash Player or by another application that runs in Flash Player on the same website. How to clear Adobe Flash Player's cache ? - Web Hosting Dec 22, 2012 How do I clear my Flash Cache? – PopReach Support If you often play Flash-based games, you may wish to increase the amount of storage your flash player can utilize. To increase or decrease the amount of disk space flash may use, visit the Global Storage Panel tab after clearing your flash cache and adjust the slider bar find the amount of … How do you clear the Flash Player cache? - BadgeHungry The easiest way is to go to your control panel and open up Flash Player. A box will pop up and will be on the storage tab. Down towards the bottom you will see “delete all”. When you click on that a 2nd box will pop up. Just click on “delete data” on the 2nd box and you are done, Flash cache is empty.

Jun 15, 2015

Is there any way to delete recent links from Flash

Clear Flash Cache enable you to clear the Flash Player cache on your computer with one mouse click, you can easily remove all Flash cache records, or can also delete some specified web site Flash

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