How can I reinstall important program I accidentally

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May 20, 2020

The only reliable solution I know for recovering uninstalled programs “with the configurations files” is restoring from a backup. Installing a program after it was uninstalled seems pretty easy. All you need is to download and install it one more Uninstall Steam - How To's - Knowledge Base - Steam Support Warning: The uninstallation process deletes the folder Steam was installed to to ensure it is fully uninstalled. If you accidentally installed Steam to a folder containing other data, for example C:\Program Files\ instead of C:\Program Files\Steam\, STOP! Do not run the uninstaller and instead carefully follow the instructions below for Manually Removing Steam, except only delete Steam-related How Do I Reinstall Internet Explorer? - Ask Leo!

It depends on the program…1) If you have System Restore saving images on a regular schedule… you could roll the system back to a date before the program in question was removed 2) If you downloaded the installation software, and haven’t cleaned your drive yet - you might be able to find it in Downloads folder (or wherever you download your files to….) - and reinstall the program clean from scratch.

How to recover uninstalled programs on Windows 10 - Quora Did you accidentally uninstall a program that you may need later? If yes, then don't worry. Here, in this article you will learn how to recover uninstalled programs on Windows 10. To recover uninstalled program. Method 1: Using a Third Party Tool