Can't connect to network drive over VPN

It depends on the VPN used and I have never used Citrix. But AFAIK, VPN solutions commonly configure the network in a way that the machine is seen as local to the remote end of the VPN. That means that once connected to the VPN, all your network exchanges go through the VPN connection. Outlook 2013/2016 (Office 365) not connecting when on VPN Apr 16, 2018 Connecting to a VPN through another VPN : VPN

Jul 20, 2020

Feb 04, 2019 Connecting to a VPC Through a VPN_Virtual Private Network

Scanning through VPN/Remote Desktop. If I am correctly reading what you are trying to accomplish, I would create a share on the virtual machine your user is connecting to. Then from her home

When connecting to VPN every message goes through VPN server and it could not be forwarding your messages to that port SQL server is working on. Try. disable VPN settings->Properties->TCP/IP properties->Advanced->Use default gateway on remote network.