Getting hired by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a time consuming process. The application alone will take two months to more than a year to process. It takes the agency at least 45 days to contact suitable candidates.

The Terrifying Background of the Man Who Ran a CIA Jul 18, 2012 A CIA Hired Wife Bares Her Soul - Vietnam War The CIA agents want hired wives to be exactly like the wives they have back in the States. Remember, girls, the key word is mediocre." Breezing through the class, I aced every test. I learned how to nag, how to get what I wanted at all times, and when to hold back my sexual favors. There were stock phrases that I … CIA Cover Letter Samples & Guide Plus Address and Format

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If you apply to be a spy and the CIA thinks you might have the right stuff, the CIA is going to spy on you. So, get ready to bare the skeletons in your closet. get hired Should you get hired