Nov 30, 2018 · Delete Search History on iOS Devices. If you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, there’s a neat trick to clear your search history on YouTube. Closing the app will erase the search history from that device.

Jun 04, 2020 · Usually this is used to make things easier for you, such as tracking down a website you've visited or finding a call you missed. If you're worried about someone seeing something they shouldn't, you can clear the history for the various services on your iPhone, or erase everything completely. Jan 15, 2020 · Browsing history: The URLs of sites you've visited, and the dates and times of each visit. On your device (or if sync is turned on, across your synced devices) Download history: The list of files you've downloaded from the web. This only deletes the list, not the actual files that you've downloaded. On your device: Cookies and other site data Jun 26, 2020 · Expose, Don’t Erase, History Politics June 26, 2020 June 26, 2020 Lindsay Keiser In the aftermath of the protests surrounding the abhorrent murder of George Floyd, some Americans have started calling for the destruction of statues of important historical figures. Aug 17, 2017 · Removing monuments from the Civil War to erase history is a mistake. This won’t be a popular opinion, and I’m okay with that. Because for now, we still have freedom of speech.

Step 3: Select “Clean Browser Junk” as it lets you to erase search history as shown in . Step 4: Select the browser and scan to get the search history to delete. Once the scanning is completed, click on “Clean” option to erase the search history as shown in . Step 5: Finally you can see the summary of deleted search history as shown in

Watch history isn't viewable when signed out. Learn more. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help View, clear, or pause watch history (signed in) Sign in and go to to find videos that you've viewed on the YouTube app or website while signed in. It also includes videos you've watched in a YouTube player on other websites while signed in to Google Chrome.

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Choose the most desired method of your choice and click on it. In this demonstration, we will choose "Erase All Data". This completely erase everything from your Samsung phone. Step 4 Confim to Erase Your Data on Samsung . Now, click the 'Erase Now' button to begin the erasing process. A windows will pop up asking you to enter "delete" in the Feb 27, 2008 · You know were the back,forward etc buttons are.Well there is one with a clock and a anti-horrairefleche well click on that and you wil see categories like 3 weeks ago,friday,today well click on today withand left click it then it will say collaspe or delete click delete and bang history is gone.(click on the day werer you want to take off history. Oct 23, 2019 · YouTube Is Erasing History Under pressure to remove “extremist content,” platforms are purging vital human rights evidence. [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] [EXPLOSION] This is a war that’s Erase all the traces and history you leave on your computer to protect your privacy. Free Editors' rating. User rating. Publisher: Downloads: 19,483 #1 Free History Eraser