Then launch Airport Utility and select AirPort Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme from the window and press edit. Select the ‘Wireless’ tab and find the drop-down menu under ‘Network Mode.’ Then select ‘Off’ to disable any wireless networks created by your Time Capsule or Extreme.

How to: Installing an airport extreme card in a 2008 How to: Installing an airport extreme card in a 2008 – 2009 Mac Pro. This is a quick guide for those out there who have a later edition of the Big Silver Mac Pro (not the little super fast Black Mac Pro Apple unveiled, Summer of 2013). 18 best alternatives to AirPort Extreme as of 2020 - Slant AirPort Extreme is a straightforward router that's great for users who don't need any additional customization options. Setting up this router is very similar to installing a game on your computer. Once you’ve powered it up and connected it to your modem, just open the browser and go … Installing Airport Extreme or Video Card | MacRumors Forums Jan 18, 2009 Apple Airport Extreme Base Station with FiOS Router

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Is it possible to run custom software on an Airport Extreme base station? I've read it has a MIPS processor inside. So, can one put some software compiled for MIPS (addtionally to the already present printing and file-sharing services) on a connected hard drive (or install it), and then run it …

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